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London, UK

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Life as a writer


Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I am an author, writer, blogger and freelance lifestyle journalist, telling my story of mental illness to provide hope, battle stigma and emphasise recovery. Feel free to contact me directly by email or Twitter @eleanorsegall if you would like me to write for you.. 

My book 'Bring me to Light :Embracing my bipolar and social anxiety' is out on the 5th November in the UK and out in the USA in 2020, with Trigger Publishing.

You can buy a copy on Amazon and in all good book stores.

Reviews for Bring me to Light

"The eye-opening and beautifully honest read will become one of the most beloved books of Winter 2019."- SHEmazing

"Eleanor's writing is so honest and insightful. Reading her story was extremely compelling and also inspiring. Eleanor is truly one of the bravest people I've ever known" - Jonny Benjamin, MBE - award winning mental health campaigner and author of THE STRANGER ON THE BRIDGE

"Eleanor's writing is insightful, honest and offers so much to those who read it. She is an amazing individual working to raise awareness around mental health and I feel so honoured to have read her story" - Hope Virgo, founder of #DumpTheScales campaign and author of STAND TALL LITTLE GIRL

"Eleanor Segall delivers a heart breaking yet wonderful story demonstrating how sheer determination conquers all!" - Karen Manton, author of SEARCHING FOR BRIGHTER DAYS 

"Bring Me to Light had me gripped from page one. From the stories about Eleanor's Jewish ancestors to her own battle with bipolar disorder, this is a tale of survival. One that everyone should read. I don't know much about bipolar disorder but Eleanor doesn't hold back in her raw account of what it's like to live with such a stigmatised mental illness. This will shed a light on such an important topic for so many people" - Fiona Thomas, author of DEPRESSION IN A DIGITAL AGE --.

"One thing that struck me about this book was that it’s not just a story of illness, it’s a story of a rich life.  There’s a lot of kindness and positivity in the way she talks about other people, and hope is present even in the descriptions of the darkest times.  Eleanor’s big heart clearly shines through the pages."- Ashley Petersen, Author and blogger at MENTAL HEALTH AT HOME

"Experiencing years of “shame” over her condition, today Segall is a successful blogger, journalist and mental health campaigner and has just published Bring Me To Light: Embracing My Bipolar and Social Anxiety, which details her journey and aims to help others in a similar situation"- Alex Galbinski, JEWISH NEWS

"Eleanor writes beautifully. Her work is not only well researched but also deeply personal and important. Mental health is complex and often it takes context to understand what someone is going through. This book gives that context and by doing so gives the reader permission to reflect and open up about their own experiences. - Anneli Roberts, creator of the Pigletish podcast"



London, UK


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