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London, UK

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I have been lucky to work with some amazing people so far in my mental health writing, blogging and social media journey. Here is just some of the feedback they have given me.

 Marita Moore of Lotus Fitness Academy

'Eleanor became known to me earlier this year when she featured one of my clients in the Metro, the piece was in relation to mental health.

Since then I have become a fan of her other work too. She is a light in the dark, through being honest about her own battles and highlighting what it is like to have a mental health condition.

She is dispelling myths that those that suffer are not crazy people who can not function, but instead courageous individuals that go on to inspire and change the world.

Her work is both professional and informative and it is truly a pleasure to have been part of some of her editorial.'

I would definitely recommend her and work with her in the future

Jonny Benjamin MBE, mental health campaigner, writer, speaker, film maker

'Eleanor is an exceptionally talented writer. She writes about mental health in an incredibly sensitive, frank and eloquent way. I always look forward to reading her many articles which are constantly engaging and insightful. '

Yvette Caster, acting editor for Community content at Metro.co.uk

Eleanor is a first class feature writer. I am consistently impressed by her enthusiasm, ideas and abilities to create well-rounded pieces for Metro.co.uk. I am confident she will go far.


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Rabbi Daniel Epstein, Rabbi at Cockfosters and N Southgate synagogue and supporter of the Jewish Association of Mental Illness

I have known Eleanor for about 2 years, and we first “met” when she was providing social media support for a new initiative called the Mental Health Awareness Shabbat – a day of community-wide awareness-building in the area of destigmatisation of mental health.

Eleanor was bright and bubbly and really responsive and upbeat about mental health and posting/blogging.

The initiative was a success and has continued. Eleanor has gone on to create her own blog – Be Your Own Light – and her freelance writing and very personal and vulnerable writing has been an inspiration to me and to many others.

A really important voice of honesty and power in the mental health space and Eleanor’s writing and reach are only getting better and better! Her sensitivity to the issues helps to take the reader through multiple points of view, especially ones that are not their own.

I would recommend her for any social media or writing assignment in the space of mental health and beyond.

Holly Matthews- actress, presenter, life coach and speaker

Eleanor is a fabulous writer, who writes with passion and authenticity. Eleanor was paid to write for me on a project I created around mental health and I was thrilled with her work. I will undoubtedly use Eleanor again in the future.

Jessica Valentine- therapist at Brighton Wellness Centre

Eleanor writes great articles. She is on time and very efficient!

Brent, USA. Supporter on Twitter

I know World Bipolar Day has come and gone, but because of your support and encouragement, I wanted to share what I wrote and posted. Most of the people that I'm connected with on Twitter are strangers having shared interests in certain topics, including mental health, so I though a post here might be a little too much of "preaching to the choir." Instead, I chose to make my post on Instagram, where virtually all of my connections are family and friends in the real world, most of who have (had) no idea that I have bipolar.

 I have received nothing but positive responses to my post, even from people I would have never expected it from. Thank you again for helping to inspire me and help give give me the strength to do this.