Eleanor Segall

London, UK

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About Eleanor

Eleanor Segall MA(hons) is a freelance writer/journalist, mental health blogger, soon to be author and an advocate. Her mission is to write to increase understanding and end the stigma that mental illness has. She has lived with mental illness for 14 years.

Her book about her life with bipolar disorder and recovery with Trigger Publishing will be published in November 2019.

Eleanor has blogged for mental health charities such as Rethink Mental Illness, Time to Change, Mind, Bipolar UK, Self Harm UK, STOP Suicide, SANE, Phobia Support Forum, ISMA, Judith Trust.

She writes for Metro.co.uk, Glamour Magazine, Happiful Magazine and Happiful.com and has written for the Telegraph, Huffington Post UK, The Counselling Directory, E-Therapy, Brighton Wellness Centre, Counsellors Cafe Magazine, Refinery29, The Jewish News, Aish Perspectives Magazine, The Monologues Project, World Union of Jewish Students, Anxiously Active, Soul Space (Tavleen Foundation) and Equilibrium Magazine.

Eleanor has also been featured in articles in  Metro.co.uk, Cosmopolitan Magazine UK (online), Elle Magazine ,Prima, Netdoctor.co.uk and Yahoo News.

Her Wordpress blog 'Be Ur Own Light' www.beurownlight.com was started in March 2016 to raise awareness to friends and family of what life is like living with mental health and to emphasise how, however difficult you can go on to live a happy and fulfilling life. It  was nominated as a Finalist in the Health and Social Care Individual Category for the UK Blog Awards 2018. 

Eleanor gave her first radio interview to  on mental health and social media in March 2018. Her blog about bipolar was also used for an anxiety education session for staff at AND digital in London.

She has recorded several podcasts on mental health, attended the Mind Media Awards and is available for comment on radio or TV.

Eleanor has a BA(hons) degree in English Literature and Drama from Goldsmiths University. She has a Masters in Drama Education from Royal Central and is an avid reader and writer.

To work with Eleanor please email her to eleanorsegall@hotmail.co.uk